Due to earlier clients discontinue their business and changed service structure, they are no longer hosted in their business. There are some of the snapshot pictures hosted in this website and the works are described in bulletins.

Stack of Portfolio

 Unison Projects
  • Officially sign on the WordPress projects from Unison. Now started to manage all front end side of technical supports all coding side.
  • Obligations are included, but limited to, individual theme drill downs, program follow ups, CSS theme developments, Front – End customizations, responsible for social engagement with open-graph, Open-ID, SEO, and some other APIs.
  • Cloud platform development for liferay.
  • Minor in Q&A testings.
  • All mobile web enhanced.

Kingdragon Waterproofing Engineering Limited. 2012

  • CSS
  • Content drill down
  • JQuery solution
  • Smooth transitions
  • Minor graphic design
  • Facebook page development
  • Search Engine Optimization – Keyword develop for making a top search on Google
  • English / Chinese versions
Sino French Art Institute – Second development (beta) 2010.
  • Developed input system for new coming students
  • Simple accounting system for invoices and billings
Contract client in Toronto, Canada.
Here & Now In Parkdale. 2010
The website is currently : Online. please visit http://www.theambler.net/hereandnowinparkdale/
Scope of works:
  • Data mining and updating on mySQL.
  • php code rewritings and theme customizations.
  • Optimize research and website components.
  • Keyword tweaking and some UI customization according to client needs.

Long term client from Hong Kong : Sino-French Art Institue. 2010

The website is currently: Online. please visit http://www.sfaihk.com

Scope of works:

  • Building from zero, adding servers, DNS hostings, and some graphics customizations.
  • CMS. SEO with yahoo, google, bings, facebook, and all other social networking websites.
  • Achieved google top keyword searchings with “Sino french art” “SFAI” and a few other keyword searchings.
  • Promoting with current events and art galleries.
  • Data maintenance and content development.

Chinese Fine Art Gallery (2010-concurrent).

Check this out!

Short Term from USA: Music promotional website, Jake Rodger. Detail. (2007)

Jake Rogers interactivesinteractives

The website is currently: Offline

Scope of works:

  • Developed and implemented interactive playlist.
  • Developed internal programs and history updates using mySQL
  • Fully applied actionscript2.0 in all components.

Short Term Client from Las Vegas: Dental Implant Institute (2007)

Dental Implant Inst

The website is currently: Online please visit : http://www.diilv.com/

    Scope of works:
  • Rewrote CSS layout codes / graphic enhancement
  • Reviewed current defects of website and optimize some internal codes
  • Enhanced and implemented some plugins and elements with interactive touch detection codings.
Mid Term Client from Dallas: Front Door Scooters (2006)
The website is currently: Offline
Scope of works:
  • Fully Flash integration.
  • Products information visualization.
  • Business consultation, SWAT analysis, front end interface design.
  • Scooter trading promotional website, Forever The Sickest Kid Local Voice, Jonathan C.
Other clients around the globe are included but not limited to:
  • Ming Yuen Secondary School, Class of Economic and Public Affairs.
  • Ming Yuen Secondary School, Class of Chemistry.
  • Sam randall website rebuild
  • Gig shows promotional, Sam Randalls.

All passed complete or almost complete interactive website design with marketing strategies.

Heskemo (aka HESK) is a designer and front-end developer who believes in data-inspired creative decisions that make marketing sense. He’s passionate about intuitive user experiences, progressive enhancement, performance-oriented CSS and making things look beautiful.

Heskemo’s background is in accounting and he loves studying business integration and internal performance optimization.

Email him if you have any questions
Drop box resume: http://www.box.net/shared/rctztzmr2v