Many problems on viewer 3

For all the loyal customers, this is to address the issue from the inventory problems. Viewer 3 with the far latest version does not fetch inventory from the server even though there is free from cache and all the previous preload items. This is strong recommend residents to use firestorm to get a better, stabler working environment. We are once again apologize for the inconvenience. 



In this version we have added the following items:

-Reduced the complimentary tops and bras

-Increase more samples on skins options

-Fixed up rotations on Hboobs-A
We have announced new version for the Hboobs-A V0.54000
If you are the existing customer please come to the main store for the last updates or rerez the package from the retail box on the floor in a scripted sim.

The Main Store:

updates .501

HBoobd update Version .501
This time we have massive updates with TWO new added features. For existing customers, please keep the old copies in case we need to roll back.

Whats new in this version.
New added Motions feature allows to configure when to bounce our boobs in different situations. For people who love controlling, this is the best panel for us to express ourself various occasion.

Big feature No.1

Motion detection we have 5 options are included but not limited to walking, flying, running, all time, and OFF. We will have a bounce feel whenever we want.

Big feature No.2

Guest Impression! This feature allows us to customize the impression for our clients. When the client touches it, it can show various combination of expressions within existing features from milking, bounce and emote. With each feature that has been configured from the administrative panel can produce potential 5000 different interactions with your clients.