Many problems on viewer 3

For all the loyal customers, this is to address the issue from the inventory problems. Viewer 3 with the far latest version does not fetch inventory from the server even though there is free from cache and all the previous preload items. This is strong recommend residents to use firestorm to get a better, stabler working environment. We are once again apologize for the inconvenience. 


Droid updates

Now we got brand new dashboard with CSS3 technology on it. Still, there are some minor bugs needs to be smoothed out. I rewrote the whole framework and it has ever been easier to modify like this in such a modular structure. Keep that in mind that system is getting alot diverse for many different platform in the future. Next up we are going to integrate Facebook login for all existing user and let them make it easier to access their inventory system.

Now the license fee to enter is zero and this zero-entry offer is on limited time. Entry-license fee will be adjusted later with its full capacity.

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HKM Server is now fixed up!

With serving tens and thousands of customers in world for auto releases and updates of the new products periodically, we have developed a better inventory system where you can have control on your smart phones. Come check it out now with your IPHONE5, IPHONE4, IPONHE4S, IPHONE 3, IPODTOUCH, Android Galaxy S2, ANDROID LG, PALM.


New added features:

  • Product UUID to be viewed by the public.
  • Revamped in the deploy-release function.