Interface one browse

Get a sample object

Reload or load different texture or assets

Built on mega prims

Activate the full version

Add data

Get additional data pack

Use zbrush exported sculpt maps

Working with external API components

Adding your user experiences and how to make tricks to do more thing

Terms and Keys:

[HKM] this is the key to show the status of the machine.

If it is RED, that tells you don’t press anything else until its GREEN. Tap on the RED [HKM] will tell you the status of the machine.

Tap on the GREEN [HKM] will you the status of the note card and the name of the note card as well.

[NEW] the button which has “new” English word on it.
[Red CIRCLE  ◯] Big circular button in the middle of the control bar. Normally you use this for some small tweaking and loading a new asset note card.
[TEAL CIRCLE ◯] will FREEZED the rezzed prim that means no more script controlling in that prim.  “FREEZE” is meant to finalize the primitive and remove the script from the primitive so that the machine cannot change the configuration in the primitive pernamantly.

[YELLOW ◀ and ▶]Browsing different textures or sculpt map in result of changing the asset pool content.
[PANEL ▉] the selected sculpt/texture will be rendering out from that panel call the PANEL.
[LOAD.D] is a button on the menu from the [Red].
ACTIVE (O) is ready for new command.
ACTIVE (X) is on hold and not able to receive command for change until it turns (O) by tapping on it.
Asset pool is where you see all the textures / sculpties laying out on.

How to get a sample object?

[NEW] => select one sample in the asset pool => (optional) select one sample from the texture pool which is the same pool but with different note card => tap on the [PANEL] again, now you have textured automatically => tap on the [TEAL] to FREEZE rendered object => right click on the object to take a copy of it.

How to reload or load different texture or assets?

They are all recorded in the note cards. Simpliy clikc on the [Red CIRCLE] to pull the menu out [RED]=> [LOAD.D] select one of your texture notecard => (wait until its finished) => select one of your texture => then tap on the panel again to texture on the object, make sure the object is on ACTIVE rendering status. No script or no show is FREEZED or WASTED and needed to start a new file.

How to manage my assets?Select the memory group and the interactive buttons will appear on it. Very easy to use and make sure dont mistakenly press on the CLEAR button. Use CLEAR, STORE, VIEW, STATS properly.Colorful cubic interface is the major selling point of its interactiveness and user friendliness. Some items are included in the popped GREEN cube (only in v5.0). That green cube will led you to the advance menu to do all the configurations and settings. The current options are display style, and advance commands. For functionality will be release in the night version v5.0n. Join HKM Group to hear more about this tool and upcoming releases. Auto update component will be released soon in v5.0n also.
Update the data pack into the TORs..Its simple, just drag and drop the data packs directly from your inventory into the TORs and it will do the magic for you.

When it is nothing happened and no data was loading after you have rezzed or dropped the data pack into the TOR:do this: [Red] = > OPTIONS =>  DEBUG=>F.LOAD . It should able to bring you a drop down menu for all the data packs it has in the TOR.

How to built on mega prims?

Take the script out from the RENDER API CONTAINER directly into your inventory. Then drag that script into one of your mega prims and that will be ready. Make sure the center of that mega prim has to be within 20 meter distance from the TOR in order to make it working. You can also find these handy tools on the web apps to find your mega prims. There are some web apps I have discovered recently and they are listed below:

Specific instruction for other TOR compatible tools please read that particular manual note card before using this TOR.
[Red] = > OPTIONS =>  DEBUG=>F.LOAD . Forcing to up the note cards when there is a note card and nothing can be loaded.[Red] = > OPTIONS =>  DEBUG=>F.DISPLAY . Closing all the displays to make it gone.[Red] = > OPTIONS =>  DEBUG=>d false/d true. This is for development use to check for bugs.

Activate the full version

By all means when you reach to the trail limits and you will be asked to activate the TOR with a payment. Just simply accept the purchase button and grant the rights to do debits. After you have paid the amount stated, you will able to activate all features including exclusive unlimited features from TOR. You will able to do master all data handling with you finger tips. If for some reason you have disallow to debit your account by mistakes you can get another trail version off SLX or any other affiliate vendors such Apez, Onrez, and Meta-life. Click right through all the trails and make the payment again.

Advance and Make more products are the same time?

There are ways that you can do multiple texture and alignment at the same time. Simply hold shift key and drag the object to different position and your prim with the programs will be duplicated. And now you will be able to do multi-retexturing.

API external components compatibilities

There are many existing products are able to receive API signals from TOR. Named a few, Hair Retexturing engine, Boob tops producer, Boob tops master, and some other building tools will able to the same advantage as well. Detail for more in depth usage for each individual product, please refer to these manual guides.

Automated sculpt map projections (12/2010)

With the newest feature based off shinylife. TOR 5 has included this feature into the controlling panel. In order to produce all the sculpt maps from the one single box. You will need to have zbrush ready with sculpty export plugins 2002b. Export the sculpt maps as usual and keep all the original names. Once you have obtain the sculpt map, directly upload it into SL.
presentation 02
Batch files process is ready and you can drag and drop more than single sculpt map into the sculpt projection square.
ZBR - projection square

This feature is implemented from the frequently data producing users. Instead of using the viewer original function to extract uuid from a single texture file, you can now utilize the built-in function from DATA BOX MASTER to produce hundreds to thousands of uuids in just one second.

Adding your user experience from this tool

Simply send me a note card for a contributor request and include the these information: Your name, your email, and first time of acquiring the TOR. You will able to edit this page in the future. Otherwise, feel free to leave your experience in comment.


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