HKM Implants Development

Here we will have more videos available for how to produce your skin / Bra
for UI/Hboobs/Ecorps

To be released soon!

This support page is made for all developers who wants to make their own implant clothings.
Type-N + A Support
Tops Design Templates DOWNLOAD
Skin Design Templates DOWNLOAD
Bra Design Templates DOWNLOAD

Other instructions for bra and tops.


7 responses to “HKM Implants Development

  1. heran Ashedene (second life ID) ⋅

    I have both the boob top producer, and the skinbra producer. the top producer works wonderfully, but I can’t get the Skin Bra Producer to move past inserting the texture into the drop box. Also this product does not have nearly as detailed instructions. The instructions say to go here, and quite frankly there are no instructions here, just a to be released soon note. I have Skin/Bra Producer PRO v0.442000

    I was very excited that I would be able to have my breasts match the skins I have made, and now that I can’t get it to work, I’m just frustrated.

    • Kemo ⋅

      yes, please let me know when you will be online. I will be right here to help you. I will get a video instruction online soon. Please be patient.

  2. Dominique Ferraris ⋅

    I’m having the same problem…

  3. jaded galaxy ⋅

    i have to agree i bought the product as well and there are no instructions on how to recreate tops for your outfits in here

  4. How did you make your site look this awesome! Email me if you get the chance and share your wisdom. Id be appreciative.

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