HKM Server Manual

Noticed from most of the user may confused to make a progress on selling things. This system is best on providing solutions for the sellers in world.

Get your package unloaded

Here you will get a few things from the box: the start up box, the server box, and a script named LICENSE.
Keep in mind that you have to keep your package box after you have unloaded the content. First is to rez the start up box and your account register. If you are upgrading from the free version to the paid version, you will be notified with in your instant messages.

How to register

Use HKM Server Terminal to register and say “loss pass” when you loss your password.


How to issue new product without the naming problems?

Issuing a new product MUST login to the system and choose the tab NEW LINE. All brand new products must start from there.

Product code is a secret that people should not able to guess  right and it is not the same from the package name.  Product code cannot contain “;”, “‘”, “`”, or “%”.

Package name is the object name that will be constantly be delivered from the system and its naming method must be complied with the following rules. ( Capital letters, uncap letters, numbers, and dot. DO NOT USE  “;”, “‘”, “`”, or “%”.)

Naming package name with your version number must be careful. Once u add the version into the package name the package name will stay the same forever for the system to deliver this package item from the server box. So u should not add version name on it unless you want to create a specific series of the product in a whole version. The one constant number such as 1 , II, III ,VI can be used for 15-100 times because you have developments during these versions.

VERSION  is the field you will put in the very beginning number. I could be “1.00”, “0.01” or “0.1”. Try not to put the number to be too big otherwise it will be hard to renew the version later. The initial version number is best to be as low as possible.


How to make a BOXED item?

Since you have already finished the procedure above now its time to create your first boxed item in SL. You will find LICENSE in the retail box where you need to add this script into any package once. Then you must check on the permission of LICENSE.


Then you will find an installation script with modify right on the retail box. You open it then you will see the picture below.
If you do not have installation script, you need to create one and name it so. Paste the code from this link and modify it appropriately. You should keep the script you have made for further use in your inventory. Also the script you have drop inside the package other than LICENSE will be removed.


Now fill out the information from what you have issued from the new product. These information MUST match exactly from what you have previously added that new item. Then you can save it and drop this installation script into the package box.

It will responded accordingly if you have added the information correctly to the script. Now you can add whatever products or creations into this package.  After you have done it then you are finished and pick up to your inventory.

From the inventory you can now drag and drop this package into the server box. Touch the server box and the indication light will change to yellow and it shows you that package is successfully verified on the system and this package is ready to be sent out anytime to the customers.


How to make an update or issuing a new update from the existing product?

You need to go into the boxed item.

From the installation script with the same information about the product and the version. You will just need to change the version with a bigger number.

The version MUST be a bigger one then add this script into the package that you are about to update.

Now you must pick up the package and rez the package on the ground to have the script runs. Wait till the appropriate responding information shows on the screen then you can add the package into the server box.

Before adding the new package into the server make you have you remove the old one.

Drag and drop the package into the server and press the box again.

Things to do Right After Issuing the New Product

Go into the system and see RELEASE. Find the product code which is just updated on the system and click DEPLOY.

System migration

Adding each customer uuid and using semi colons to separate them. You will allow to a list if customers to importing them.
It will able to filter the duplicated customer registrations for the same product.

Now Login!

Introduction to HKM server system!


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