Tops Masters

What is that?

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User Instruction for all productions on version 2.XX

Contents you will find from the producer:

[A] = the item you will find in the retailer box called “HKM BOOB TOPS MASTER v2.XXX”.
[B] = the script named “PACKING-CORE” inside [A].

The big different between 1.9XX and the 2.XX is at its customization capabilities. In 2.XX you can make different tops and review it right away. With advanced alignments and adjustments in menu dialog control, you will able to get to the precise yet accurate texture mapping and wrapping adjustment with a snap fingers of time. Currently, there are 2 official wrappings set out for customization. User can also use the automatic wrapping texture where the user had uploaded onto the BTM.  There are some review functions that will allow you to see the numbers right away on its float text.

Empowered by 1.9XX, the security feature has been even more advanced! Users can now setup a retail permission and a demo permission during or after the production. There is auto locking method to lock up the script so the next owner wont able to break it.

The production procedure for 2.XX will be the same as 1.9XX but there is an added menu editing stage after renaming procedure at No.5 (please read the instruction from 1.9XX).

Editing feature is the one that will allow you to actually make changes for each individual brand so in that way, users can use manual adjustment for each brands rather than using one single wrapping configuration for all brands.

Features buttons:

ADVANCED – go to the options menu with extended features like different wrappings, grid maps, signals, and notifications.

DATA – go to the menu for organizing your data.

SAVE – There are 8 slots in total available for one user. You can save as new data or overwrite your saved data by selecting the slot buttons.

LOAD – Select the available slots for applying possible data settings into top map.

EXPORT – Export the current top settings in array. You can copy that text into your NC and load it up by using import feature.

IMPORT – using channel “/55” to instant config the top map with a list of parameters.

The configuration format will be displayed as following UA|VA|UB|VB|R|AJ

  • UA-a decimal number from negative to positive will be used as horizontal scaling.
  • VA-a decimal number from negative to positive used will be as vertical scaling.
  • UB-a decimal number from negative to positive used will be as horizontal offsetting.
  • VB-a decimal number from negative to positive used will be as vertical offsetting.
  • R-a decimal number from 0 to 360 degree.
  • AJ- enable adjustment either using “0” or “1”. “0” is disable and “1” is enable.

Video guide for Boob top master V2 DIY version


If you are planning on selling it, then put your product to be NO-TRANS (both the product and the script [B]). If you just want to show as DEMO for ONE time use, put your product on NO-COPY (both the product and the script [B]). That product can be only used once. Once the product is applied, the product will not work for twice.


Pick it up and remind yourself to set your this item (both the script inside the object AND the object itself) to either NO COPY or NO-TRANSFER for protecting your intellectual asset not to be resell or free distribution. The appropriate warnings will show on the screen to remind you to fix it before taking it back to your inventory. You will agree the texture will be deleted in the disc since you have a copy. If you don’t have a copy of that texture then please DO NOT put the texture into disc.

Further Helps About how to change permission is in here


11 responses to “Tops Masters

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  2. hsing lee ⋅

    I just bought your producers kit, and i cant do anything with it.

    all i get is “Retail Tank Top basic 0 (wear me): PACKING-CORE permission needs to be the same as final product”

    over and over and over and over again no matter how many times I reset the permissions to copy/noxfer

    and it wouldnt give me any menus whatsoever. just one popup at the start, a ready button.

    seriously, 2k for a broken record that says I have to change perms?

    • Kemo ⋅

      I am happy to assist you with this problem. Give me a TP when you are online. I will be online normally started from 9:20 pm GMT +8.

  3. demoonly resident ⋅

    I am going to buy this but would like to know does this system come with top textures? or do i, buy textures? if so were are they sold?

  4. demoonly resident ⋅

    ok i bought it droped a texture and nothing worked i got this in local : dropbox2 Drop a texture to me – the dish. Non Owner can drop a texture with holding CONTROL key while it was released. All texture must be full perm.
    [11:54] HKM BOOB TOPS MASTER II v2.0430: Time is out! Packing box is deactivated. Delete me and try with another new box on the ground.
    [11:54] demo: HKM BOOB TOPS MASTER II v2.0430 Time is out! Packing box is deactivated. Delete me and try with another new box on the ground.

    • Kemo ⋅

      This is asking your original texture file must be present in full permission which has 3 boxes checked before you drop the texture on the dish.

  5. demoonly resident ⋅

    Where can i get textures for this? i would like to create tops but need to know were are the textures sold at for prim breasts?

  6. Kemo ⋅

    hi i have your HKM bob top master 2 but its set to no trans well that defeat the per-pus of using it for my products i need this fixed

    Elana Seaside (allen.seaside)

    no-transfer Version as for your own personal modifications and that is not intended for businesses or for making a personal gift.

    if you want to make it transferable or business you will need to acquire the pro version from the marketplace.

    thanks it is the pro pack

    there are some instructions that you will need to setup properly in order to get it working.. detail please refer to official website.

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