Boob Tops Producer Instruction

User instructions for all versions in 1.9XX

Contents you will find from the producer:

[A] = the item you will find in the retailer box called “HKM BOOB TOP APPLIER PRODUCER v1.XX”
[B] = the script named “PACKING-CORE”

INSTRUCTION – Regular, it works straight out from the box.

  2. Click on blue button.
  3. You will see a disc and click on the disc to open it. Drop a FULL PERM texture into the content of the disc.
  4. Then you will be naming it on the public channel and you can change the name as many as you can.
  5. <enter> then click “yes” to confirm the product name.
  6. Uncheck the box on modify permission (to be NO MOD) on your product.
  7. Uncheck the box in script [B] either NO TRANS or NO COPY. (read recommendations for help)
  8. You can take it up for sale on SLX. Is that easy?

Video Instruction

Video Instruction with TOR5 Mini

  1. DROP [B] ON THE GROUND. Use TOR Load up the note card where it contains all your asset ids for implant tops. Pick and choose your asset texture to be ready to sell on SLX from TOR.
  2. Once you have seem “uuid selected”, you can tap on the big panel X to transfer the data into the package box.  It will open up a dialog for you to read it. Then you can just follow the steps from the regular instruction No.


If you are planning on selling it, then put your product to be NO-TRANS (both the product and the script [B]). If you just want to show as DEMO for ONE time use, put your product on NO-COPY (both the product and the script [B]). That product can be only used once. Once the product is applied, the product will not work for twice.


Pick it up and remind yourself to set your this item (both the script inside the object AND the object itself) to either NO COPY or NO-TRANSFER for protecting your intellectual asset not to be resell or free distribution. The appropriate warnings will show on the screen to remind you to fix it before taking it back to your inventory. You will agree the texture will be deleted in the disc since you have a copy. If you don’t have a copy of that texture then please DO NOT put the texture into disc.

Further Helps About how to change permission is in here


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