API Texture Master

API Texture Master

This plugin will be compatible with all API platform scripts.Either one of the following will meet the platform requirement:



★CoreAPI (requires the setup installation)


For hair stylists:

Take out any full perm hair or the hair that you have done with modelings.  Rez it on the floor and click on each hair prim.  First thing you need to do is to check on the hair prim namings and this needs to be done manually. In order to texture them systemetically, this is nesscary to group them with the hair types.  Hair type is any type of prims, normally they can be cylinder, clone, sculpt, or box type.  With different hair type you need different kind of hair texture with the same style or color, you may rename them accordingly.

★Remember each hair type can be given only one name.  For example, you find that hair type contains alpha texture, rename those prims to be “F”.  Also you have find another kind of hair that doesn’t need to apply alpha texture on it, you can rename them to “normal”.  The first prim, which is the root prim, can be renamed to almost any length of text to fit on your project.  For example, “my branded hair”.  Until you have them all completed.  Now you can drop the platform script listed from above into your root prim.

★Note that CoreAPI need prior installations ready in order to run this API.

After you have successfully setup this API script.  You now can go into the menu by clicking on the hair and you will see the API is ready to work.  Check [ADV TEXTUR] then [SET LINK].   This will take a few seconds.  The following menu will show up a list of names that system has found from your hair.  Each button is represented all names that have the same names in that particular group.  Simply select one of them and that hair type will be targeted for further process.  Now you can texture them based on the selected name in your hair.

★There are 2 types of re-texture methods: the first kind is direct drop method and the second kind is TOR method.

Direct Drop Method

Simply drop the texture that you are going to re-texture into the hair and click on [APPLY] button from the [ADV TEXTUR] menu.Once you have enter the menu, it will show a list of detected textures that can be used to apply to your hair.

TOR Method

Work with TOR method you need to have TOR ready and have it rezzed on the ground.  From the menu [ADV TEXTUR] select [TOR API] then [Rec ON] to turn on the TOR mode.  Now go into TOR and select the texture then touch on the panel to export the texture to your hair.  If it is done correctly, you will see a menu pops up and that will finish up the texture process with a click on [APPLY].


Once you have master that method, you will able to texture on other hair with the same method. There are some more optional tweaks on the scale and size of the texture. Just make sure that you are thinking the right path. If that comes up with the wrong result, you might have to redo that step again.


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