First you need to have CORE MENU API ready from HKM Gears.Then you need to have this script added into your build first. Wait about one second, then add the CORE MENU API  into the same build same prim. Once you have seen the renewal text shown on the user screen, you will be all set. If the script does show up, go into each and reset the script and make sure all scripts are running in Mono or just running.
Trouble shootings:(Situation) If the CORE MENU API and the component API are in the same box but there is no menu coming up.(Solution) Double click on the CORE MENU API then check “running” then click on “reset”. Make sure all other component API scripts are also “running” and “reset” prior to taking action on the CORE MENU API script.
Encountering further trouble please see the HKM invention group or note card to the customer support. Take your products to the next level!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This component script alone does not run properly, you need to have CORE MENU API (3) script in the same prim in order to conduct the operation. If you have new fresh box(1), drop place the CORE MENU API script first then place other component API scripts(2). If the box(1) has the CORE MENU API script already, you just need to add component API (AKA feature script) into it. It will just work after the updating had displayed on the screen. A feature should be shown on the menu after the updating is done.
About TOR API features:In order to activiate TOR API feature, you need to go turn on the TOR API receiption and get the TOR machine ready or close to you within 30 meters. If you don’t have a TOR, just come get one at the related section.(1) Box is referring to any object that you have modify permission.(2) Component API scripts are referring all HKM Gears scripting products that has API component feature.(3) Component API script does not come with the CORE MENU API script. CORE MENU API script is the core part of the API script and it is sold separately. If you don’t have CORE MENU API, go on SLX to buy the CORE MENU API. Then pick a list of API features which compatiable for the CORE MENU API.
P.S.When you start using HKM Gears scripts with both copy and transfer permission, you are agreed with the terms and conditions. For detail please refer to the note card “Agreement and terms” or go online the for the most accurate and updated agreements. Terms and agreements are subjected to change without prior notification.


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