Vendro De Single

Vendro De Single

Your update inventory buddy!

You can extend your capability from the marketplace!
By using this product, you will need to being the existing users from HKM server management AKA Droid Server Center.

What is new!

On this vendor, you will able to using the existing products information from Droid Server Center to serve on your individual vendors.


All individual vendors that you have created are transferable to the next owner (that will be your affiliate).


All vendors will create a new contract with the affiliate from your set commission.


Basic function will allow you to make pay for someone else or sending a gift to your lover.

Gift Cards

Additional feature for gift cards that will able let you using in-store credits from the prepaid customers. This feature can be also implemented to your affiliate.

Also support features in:

-Proximity detection
-Network Vend
-Gift Vend
-Gift Cards Vend
-Can apply on ANY low prim impacted mesh models
-FULL customization capability!
-Automated products phrase out and implementation

Interested to try?

Try before you buy


– Pre installation of HKM Server Droid is required !


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