version 5.41

Snapshot view
Features are included in this version:
New skin for interface
New buttons for purchasing so you can get a full version immediately and don’t need to wait.
New feature from animation texture applying on SINGLE FACE. Yes Single Face.
Small bug fixed.

version 5.40
It has been a useful tool for a long time and current version is still under more exploration from user feedbacks. We make the best gadget stipulated from all user experience. We have zbrush users who wants to scale their size and position to be exactly from what they have seen ZB. This tool will allow you to drop and texture file with named references into the machine and it will product the exact size and the position out of  the box.

Updated from making all uuids note cards from all your texture assets and you want to back it up? No problem, there is a batch production mode for you. You can drag and drop a bunch of textures either sculpts or wrapping textures into the machine and it will able to product the note card info. All you have to do just open and paste all uuids into note card and it will do the job of copying each asset uuids by hand.

Newly added the auto updating system for people to update to the next advanced version.

Loralai Michalski asked and what would the purpose of owning one of these be?

Toying it and collecting sorting data; exporting useful map for further development. More importantly it enhances and increases the development by 200%. You skip all the sculpting and design processing and straight into resembling process of your product development.

Loralai Michalski asked how to retrieve the data you export into it.

For example: if you have a list of full perm textures in your inventory, you right click each item and copy the Asset ID and paste that ID into a note card. Using note cards to collect them in your organization. Then import the note card into the machine just right click it add those note card into the content tab.

Brief specs and the models are listed here:



Latest Detail:

A powerful design Texture Organizer Reloader (TOR) is officially released. Here is are all the new features. No copybots. No illegal viewers. No griefers! All in-one asset reviewer and management. Solution for viewing browsing all-inworld assets and use them into from an all-in-one machine.

New built-in★ZBRUSH foundation Mesh Enabled for the future

★Asset Manager

★ZERO building skill needed, and ZERO programming needed, ZERO actual texture is needed or handled. All internal data operation takes care of it. Thanks to Drag and Drop mode.

★You can collect for all your assets texture and other raw data as well.

★Speed up your productivity by DOUBLE with double TORs.

★A safe place to store all your unwanted textures and sculpt maps.

★Create a rapid development environment as the foundation for further texture applying and managing.

★Networking works with 2-200 rezzed TORs between each other just if you were performing the modular supporting TORs to the built object. You can also customize your networking by choosing which TORs to work with.

★ Unlimited categories

★ Supports NO-MOD Textures and Sculpts. No longer will you have to curse at creators (or me!) for not releasing No-Mod textures!

★No more huds to bury the screen.

★Keep all your categories in your personal inventory and choose categories as many as you can. All using uuid handlings. Unlimited notecarding inside!

★Move or Copy Multiple textures/sculpts data in the notecard at the same time! ★Memory, note card data, security,and internal all operation and be seen and displayed on the TORs! MONO Compiled! – Extremely fast system.

★API module works perfectly with hair API compatiable / any API mega prims from any dynamic size 1×100 to 1024×69 / Texture Animation / built-in RENDERING MODULE from ZBrush sculpty export module.

★ Best place for your future mesh builds.

CORE FEATURES☑ 19 Displays in one big massive asset pool for greater more items and builds. ☑ 8 modular memory management clips. ☑ 2 menu styles for straight up and circular. ☑ 20 preloaded asset note cards. ☑ Sculpt/Texture switching paralleled. ☑ Loading % and show you the current loading status. ☑ Permission system for GROUP/OWNER/ALL. Keep all the hands away. ☑ Fully exportable and reprogramming. (limitation are on DIY and DEMO). ☑ Easy ONE TAP function for each memory group. ☑ Does not rely on any HUDs for controlling the interface. Deluxe pop up menu bars and automatic minimize itself. ☑ Storing up to 256 UUIDs in one notecard and unlimited notecard readings ability. ☑ Auto Updates System on the same major version!
ALREADY WORKING WITH THESE API TOOLSHair API ready! ☑Multi face texturing API ready! ☑BOOB TOP PRODUCER API ready! ☑

For other in-world asset, you can collect them by accessing your the folder in your computer. It is currently taking extensive process to get them.  There is a the work flow for PC or MAC to get them. Please read the note card instruction about UUIDs once you have purchased any versions of TOR. In fact, there are preloaded 2000 asset IDs in the library for browsing it.
Welcome to the Next Generation of building systems in SL!

Indication of what look like in packaging:
There are actually 5 different systems available here on XStreetSL. Here are all the price tags:
TOR4: L$1800TOR4 TRIAL: L$10TOR5: L$2100TOR5 TRIAL: L$10
Related Components/Extensions:TEXTURE API: L$400MENU API: L$200
FAQ: TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. What is this? This is an in-world asset viewer to manage all your stacked up raw assets such as your textures/sculpt maps. It would able to carry out all your assets textures and sculpts and display all of them in your finger tip. Now it offers trial version for educational purposes and learn more about it.
UUID In-world management is no-more hassle for all the in-world textures capture methods. There is one hell of the machine to handle all these little things. All you have to do is to sit back and relax, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate in the office. It is the right choice for data manager and collectors. For those who loves to manage data, here you go!

As you can see it appears on:

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