API Texture Master

Come see a live demo at The [HKM] Showroom.

Some tough questions to the developers: Have you ever wanted your customers to be able to re-color or re-texture separate portions of your items? The laces of your shoes, separate from the tongue of your shoes. The belt on a skirt separate from the rest?

Texture Master API PRO has come!!

Pick n Choose

Just the best texture application for “Pick n Choose” and making your favorite re-texture system with menu platforms. This innovative coding design dedicated to separate it in two scripts. One is the main engine script to control most of the security access and another one is the Texture API PRO script for all dedicated texture work flows.  This advantage reduces the risk of running out of memory by the factor of 2X. Users will be running a better, faster, and smoother application with bliss. Texture API pro allows you to re-texture your hair or your builds at anytime anywhere you want.

Reduces Lag

With this dedicated build, all these functionalities will be concentrated into ONE SINGLE SCRIPT which will reduces proximately 256 slave scripts running and manufactured from other competitors. This is simply the best selection from developers and hair designers. All codes are up-to-dated, using the latest LL developed built-in function, llLinkSetPrimParamsFast, to deploying texture work flows.

Unlimited number of prims and be chosen and reconfigured.

No more 9 groups limitation in the option list. Your items can now have as many groups as it contains in many different link names! Application: If you are a hair creator and have solid textures and fringe textures mixed together in your hair. The script can be configured so that your customers can click a single button (For example “Blonde”) and the script will know which texture to put on which prims. If you have a piece of jewelry that has both metal and Gem parts. The script can be configured so that only gem textures can be selected for the gem portion, and only metal textures for the metal portion.

TOR5 compatibility

This application known for accessibility. Even you have set and configured the hair to be no mod and you customer will able to re-texture it with on/off accessibility. SL first innovative design, Texture API PRO, allows you to re-texture your products via TOR5. Imagines that you have tons of hair files and you have sick and tired of choosing the right texture from a text based menu. Developers from Texture API PRO heard you and solved the problem with TOR5. TOR5 is a texture organizer that will show up all the textures with huge libraries. Builders just need to pick and chose the right one from the display. Once the right one is chosen, the data will send to Texture API PRO for further process. NO MORE TEXTURE FILES CHOSEN FROM THE SICK MENU. However, the older traditional one is remained and its available for some builders with specific requirements. Texture API PRO opens up huge flexibility and changes your life to re-texturing hair.

Listed Features:

☑Change properties of multiple separate linksets at once.

☑Pick and choose. Now you can pick and choose your favorite prims to be re-textured.

☑Support Hair Texture special function. This is hair dedicated for eliminating the bottom texture on every single chosen prim! Save you tons of work time and you will make mass production with perfect texturing in just ONE second.

☑Any number of texture and color “groups” can be defined.

☑Each color group can contain any number of sides on any number of prims.

☑Groups can be defined as Tintable, Textureable, or Both.

☑Back button in all menus. No need to re-click the item to change a different part of the item. The script automatically brings the menu back up after the user selects an option, and allows them to go back to the previous menu. (EXCEPT the main engine menu).

☑Rescale and Retexture independent of each other and they are portable.

☑Dedicated Hair Texture Mode to clean up the hair with its subtle edge and enhance texture transparency at the bottom of any cylindrical hair shape.

☑Completely menu driven.

☑The level of support you’ve come to expect from HKM Gears products.

☑This plugin will be compatible with all API platform scripts listed below.

Either one of the following will meet the platform requirement:




Instruction – API Texture Master

Version Log.


More bugs cleansing and fixed up alot of problems.


TOR 5 compatible – Remote texture for all no mod re-texture applications.


Link set – link group

Allow drop textures


Original launch

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