SKIN/bra Producer Intros

The finished product can be used as an applier which is shown in the demonstration.

Hi there!

Try different appliers for different implants.
Currently this supports UI, Hboobs type-a, Ecorps natboobs with skin and bra appliers. Additional custom color support for Hboobs.
More to come!

Comes in 2 packages are available sold separately

DIY version allows you to produce your personal skin/bra appliers that fit into your closet.

Enterprise version allows you to mass produce your skin/bra appliers and sell them to your customer where it can match up with your outfits.

Promotional stage with discount. ORDER NOW before gets too late!
Available on SLX with some commission fees.
Order in world can save you money!

Product Support
For more related news!
version log:
added customer color support.
added Ecorp appliers
added Hboobs
Initial release.


3 responses to “SKIN/bra Producer Intros

  1. jaded galaxy ⋅

    is there any way to get complete instructions on how to produce tops for clothes i have made

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