Portal CD – Your pocket songs manager

Portal CD SYSTEM – your fantastic pocket songs manager


Portal CD is a revolutionary pocket style music player system and it is built-in as a plugin for your build. The SL only first great invention to manage all the songs in note card format.  Each song can be added into the content of your build and a nice menu program will  list out your music. This system can contain more than 1000 songs as you will put everything into this little box. Fast rez and menu responding time back by many many beta testings. Proven to be successful. This is an incredible tool for any portal music system and it changes the way to live in SL.

Problems with music streaming restrictions

Living in SL you will only able to enjoy full length played songs via http/url streaming within restricted area where the audio stream is available at the given parcel. You do not have control of what kind of music you want to play or even when the music is to be played. You will only able to play and stop the parcel audio stream when you have full access of the land which means that you have to be the owner or the manager of the land. Some viewers do not support video and audio streaming from the internet which holds back some number of listeners.

No more streaming music from restricted zone. Portal CD changes your life. Plays everywhere, NO LAND/STREAM NEEDED

Portal CD can now set you free to play your favorite song anytime and anywhere with absolutely all listeners in SL as long as they have a speaker installed in their PC, Linux, MAC, IPHONE, IPAD, or even their Andriods. Just need to click on the button and it will play up the song from the beginning to the end. Portal CD allows maximum amount of people to listening to your music while you are moving or walking.

Trashing inventory and object content with traditional CD listening method

Most common problems you will face is the inventory problem. Your inventory is increasing day by day and you are reaching to the point to lose everything because of the increasing time to loading up the inventory especially all these sound files are on an object. Normally each complete song in sound track version will take up about 20-40 spots that lasts  around 5 mins to 7 mins. The loading time is slow with large amount of data and it discourages builder’s momentum. Some residents got freebie CDs where they can hold a CD on their hand in order to play one single track. It looks awful and it is extremely inconvenient to browse over each song.

No more trashing your inventory with enhanced portal CD method.

Portal CD will eliminate all these problem because each song will only takes up one spot or even the only one spot in your build content. Everyone around you (within about 20Meters) will hear the music when you wear and play the CD.

Core menu API or CoreAPI based advantage.

Portal CD is a plugin into your CoreAPI or Core menu API. Duel system compatibility will give you full range of customization and create the look and feel of the menu.

Built-in Tracking system

Portal CD will play your music in a list. It will play in a loop for one song or all the songs. You also select the next playing song and queue for the next one. Revolutionary searching engine allows you to search thru all the songs in the object and responds in a menu with all the songs that contain the search word. Browsing menu allows you to see thru all the songs that is contained in the build.

☑This plugin will be compatible with all API platform scripts listed below.

Either one of the following will meet the platform requirement:





– This version can hold up to 1000 songs.
– Modify-OK, put your notecards on it.
– Video instructions How to upload your songs to Second Life and how to put them in the player

How to upload your song to Second Life’. As Second Life allows 10 sec max lenght audio to upload you need to cut to song into pieces. SL upload costs: 10L per sounds file, so for a song you’ll pay around 200 lindens, you only need to upload your song ones of course. It is a very nice way to let people hear your music as well as managing your music into one single object instead of folders of songs. It got many great responses so I decided to work it out more and here it is.


  • The first time you play the song it might have some short pauses but it will play smooth when having played it ones, as then the files are already stored in your cache memory.
  • It might give some short pauses when being on a very laggy sim.
  • Zooming in on the player makes the volume goes louder, SL’s sounds engine is a bit soft.
  • Plays everywhere (Except when script use is disabled.)


User Manual

You will also see if from:

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Plays everywhere, NO LAND/STREAM NEEDED


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