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HKM Server Droid is a server interface system which allows you to manage your in world business much better and easier. HKM Server Droid exclusively designed for backup and roll out phrase of a production circle and provides a solution for having a more efficient and effective product and customer management.

No matter where you are and what devices you are using, we provide unique and complete manage report right into your finger tips.

Lifetime support and on-going development with the whole world.

Why HKM Server?
Many of residents have problems and trouble in managing wide range of data flows generated from sales, inquiries, product updates, renewals, or even promotions. Here have already done a series of facilities that fits into your goals and sales projections. In real world practice, when you have a package want to update but you already have around 205 customers got your products. Once you have the new version issued you need to deliver them to your customers and not having the customers to come check your updates. This system is to serve for multiple products updating for different newly issued products and standardize all updating procedures.

This small little access allow you to login via iPhone and Android.

Feature Automatic

All-in-one built-in version tracking system to check the older version and the newer version of the product.
Auto update and send out packages from customer rezzing.
Support redelivery request from customer triggering or owner triggering. Support version upgrades from the content creators. No need to modify the product category manually.
Now you will get even more special features up inside the box. Besides all interface is adepted with JQuery and most of the advanced javascript techologies, Server Droid has been fresh upgraded with whole bunch of nice handy tools for users to promote and make decisions of their selling products.

Features Inside

Release – Once you have got a new release. This will deploy the latest version right away to all your customers. No need for the customers to get your releases.

New product line – New product will be issued in here to hold all the product source. Innovative ONE-TIME info entry allow all information to be initiated for the rest of the upgrading versions and no need to modify them again.

Message – Mass message system allow you to broadcast messages in-world without login to second life. This is best for using it from having an iphone or andriod.

App – This will hook you up many other clouds from HKM Connect. Modern cloud access is given to all other networks such as facebook, twitters, linkedin, QQ, etc.

MGM – You can go back to each product retrospectively and edit each field for your own preference.

Importing Customers – With the existing customers, you wish to able to migrate all the older customers to the new system. In that case you will able to enter a list of UUID from all your customers to the new system. The customer will be enable to continuing receiving new products updates.

Assignment Managment – You can offer a special access to your account manager by having an given access code. Detail is posted on the link.

Cloud computing for iphones/andriods/pc/mac/facebook
Facebook fan page has dedicated a page for login.

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Why do you pay this money?
We are non-profit project, so this money will go into continue service optimization and developments to work with many different devices. To keep up with the hosting cost we need to raise fund for about $300 dollar for a cycle.
Enjoy this service by making your donation to keep this project up. Payment can be via paypal or InWorld SecondLife.


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