[HKM NO.47]

[HKM NO.47]
HKM Studio Framework (Boxed)
as this version 1.1

– More visible lights revolving the centric point
– Complete work station and eliminated all the unwanted objects
– Major debugs have done in ver 2.0
– 56 couple poses and animations
– 20 couple modeling poses
– 10 amazing particle effects
– Stand height controlling
– Complete security control
– Version detection

100% well fit for your Photoshop / GIMP applications.
For your convenience, you choose your own height of stand to fit the best lighting and effects.
All complimentary animations are included in the 2 stands.
One free-for-all stands for your favorite animations add-on.
Opening up permissions and let your friends to use it as well. (personal / group / public)

HKM Studio photo products can be found in here

Sample profile picture products are produced through this Studio.

ver 1.1 Main Features:
– Elegant studio stage fits for any SL photoshots.
– 360 degrees view best for further graphic processors such as Photoshop, GIMP, Painshop Pro, Photoshop Elements, etc.
– Pure color backgrounds to choose from the main menu.
– Entirely menu driven. No more huds covering on the screen.
– 9 different practicles programs to choose.
– Quite mode that covers all background. Best for photoshooting.
– 360 degrees lighting rotation for any angles of the avatar.
– Auto rezzed at one place. Finally you can say this is zero prim rez as well.
– Compatible for any animations. Just Drag and drop all the lovely poses on each stage and you will be ready to go.
– 20 preloaded animations and poses.

How to use:
– unpack the Studio Framework on ground or in a sandbox.
– click on the top part of the square.
– from the first dialog select “build”.
– the studio framework is rezzed and you can now jump on the stage.
– clicking the middle part of the stage, the little circle, as the menu.


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