Official instruction
HBoobs series

You will get:
Applier engine script “clothingSender” and development support miner “spread”. Also you will have a list of open source applier setting script for each skin, top, bra, or fluids.

Best recommendation
You might need to flat up your chest to achieve the best result on this implant.

Stripper mode (under development)
You can activiate this mode to enable to the stripper function. people can pay on the boobs and get the action they wanted with the boobs.

Hide your boobs with the minimum feature (Coming soon). Simply just resize them to minimum. If you need to bring them up, you will need to use the camera to go into the avatar in order to see the hidden boobs. They are just smaller in size. Cleavage adjustment Takes care of most of the needs from your cleavage preferences.

Massive resize capability

Funny but its not recommended to do
Maximize your boob size

Particles system

Advanced particle system rendered over 30 different types of milking effects where it is also controlled by the HUD. Drippings, showering, hanging, etc are all available in one single menu.


Extended excitement can be delivered by pressing one button! Various of excitements can be expressed by different situations with different clients. Silently target to your client and deliver intimated experience with them. No matter in what situation, there is an expression on it.

Many different styles

Get your chest wet with the degree of top transparency and recolor your tint by different buttons. Here we have all the combinations for you to match up your sexy outfits

Extended top customizations

HBoobs are specialized to work with SKIN/Bra Producer Products, Boob Tops producer products, and Boob tops master products. They are all compatible these appliers. No more self develop your appliers. They are done and be ready to serve your top/skin/bra/fluid creations.

There are no more preset tops or bra or skin stored in side the HBoobs, instead there are more than 1000 tops / bras creation available for your choice. HBoobs can truly unleash your creativity in all aspect of boobs fashion.

Completely easy skin and top editings
No professional programes are needed to make ur own tops or skin. It using the same way to make UI/Implant Nation tops or skins. It is now fully compatible with all versions in Hboobs.

About “relo”.
Normall we do not recommend you to do that with changed cleavage settings. This function mean to used for development only. Relo is a restart function for loading all internal plugins for this product. You can actualize the configuration by the proceedure follows: click on the boobs > more > manage > relo/ that will able to get u able to control the boobs

There are alot of functions and developments under taking.
Here is the first part
Changing clothes
Simply just wear differen appliers and click on the applier. you can edit the applier script as long as you have rez this on the floor. there are a few things you can do
1. textures (for different clothings set/bra/tops/fluids) The whole development kit is on the HUD which is modify ready. The best way is to make a copy of the HUD first then open it and unlink them to parts
2. skin (different kind of skins) only works with appliers from clothingSender.
3. color the preset configuration B from the open source scripts.
4. transparency using the watery feature

Main ad is available @ Type-A
Main ad is available @Type-N

Photoshop supporting files for skin/bra/tops developers LINK

Keep track of us @
Standard Development Kit is available on full version


There is a little instruction for the HBoobs.

1. Open the package from the SL market or from the delivery server and copy them to your inventory folder in a script enabled area or sim.

2. Wear it or attach it to your chest.

3. Wear the HUD or touch the attachment for further configurations.

4. Enjoy!


3 responses to “HBoobs

  1. My husband Roget Roogus bought me these and there are no instrutions on what to do like opening things i copied everything to my inventory
    when i put the boobs on it attached it to my hand
    says cant find squipt
    what do i need to do to make these things work
    i am not a happy person
    Roget spent over a thousand lindons for something we can’t even use
    either drop me a notecard or email me

    sl name is sandisoup snoodle
    email is

    thank you

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