Hair Spray

Introduction Hair Spray
☑Go Green!! No more laggy scripts with mono every prim, all of the scripts in the main prim. Complete break through. ONLY TWO scripts for all functioning process.
☑Access control – allow others to control your items (OWNER, GROUP, PUBLIC USE). Great for furniture or in-store demos. (Sold Separately in MENU MODULAR API)
☑Support for the optional HUD (Sold Separately)
☑Change properties of multiple separate linksets at once.
☑NO MORE MESS WITH retexturing and recoloring at the same time.
☑Pick and choose. Now you can pick and choose your favorite prims to be retextured.
☑Support Hair Texture special function. This is hair dedicated for eliminating the bottom texture on every single chosen prim! Save you tons of work time and you will make mass production with perfect texturing in just ONE second.
☑Unlimited number of prims and be choosen. Go Freedom of choice! No more 9 groups limitation in the option list. Your items can now have as many groups as your imagination will allow!
☑Back button in all menus
No need to re-click the item to change a different part of the item. The script automatically brings the menu back up after the user selects an option, and allows them to go back to the previous menu. (EXCEPT core menu api).
☑Separate texture sets for each prim group
For Example: If you have a piece of jewelry that has both metal and Gem parts. The script can be configured so that only gem textures can be selected for the gem portion, and only metal textures for the metal portion.
☑Resize, Recolor, and Retexture independent of each other and they are portable. (sold separately)
If you do not need the resize, tint, or texture functions, they can be removed from the menu independently.
☑Alternate textures
For Example: If you are a hair creator and have solid textures and fringe textures mixed together in your hair. The script can be configured so that your customers can click a single button (For example “Blonde”) and the script will know which texture to put on which prims.
☑Any number of texture and color “groups” can be defined.
☑Each color group can contain any number of sides on any number of prims.
☑Groups can be defined as Tintable, Textureable, or Both.
☑Completely menu driven. Absolutely hands off from manual editings. Best for your final production with NO-MOD permission to the next owner.
☑The level of support you’ve come to expect from HKM Gears products.
☑ TOR5 API ready!



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