Many problems on viewer 3

For all the loyal customers, this is to address the issue from the inventory problems. Viewer 3 with the far latest version does not fetch inventory from the server even though there is free from cache and all the previous preload items. This is strong recommend residents to use firestorm to get a better, stabler working environment. We are once again apologize for the inconvenience. 


Droid updates

Now we got brand new dashboard with CSS3 technology on it. Still, there are some minor bugs needs to be smoothed out. I rewrote the whole framework and it has ever been easier to modify like this in such a modular structure. Keep that in mind that system is getting alot diverse for many different platform in the future. Next up we are going to integrate Facebook login for all existing user and let them make it easier to access their inventory system.

Now the license fee to enter is zero and this zero-entry offer is on limited time. Entry-license fee will be adjusted later with its full capacity.

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Why Move to MySQL from Microsoft SQL Server?

When I first began transitioning some work from SQL Server to MySQL a number of years ago, I was impressed with the feature set I found then in MySQL, and it has only improved since that time.

– Robin Schumacher

This is the reason you should choose mysql over mssql. Always the open source brings the power to the world and they will make up 50% above of the market at the end. 

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Costume updates
There are some minor updates have been done for the previous package – Morrigan (M). The package will be sent out manually for those who have purchased from the marketplace.
Top appliers has been upgraded and enclosed with explanation notes in the package.

Top Master V2 updates

We have noticed a few brands are officially entered to the SL implant market and their information is archived them into our system.
Including all bugs fixed and more detail description for each button. However, the preview feature on the V2 PRO or DIY are yet to be updated on the version 2.10. We have noticed and will make further development on those features. The bottom line is that we have ensured the clothing creators for the implants will do the job for their customers from making the updates. We have already tested and added with the following brands:
P.S. design
Sinful Needs

The updates can be acquired from our store under the update panel or go online for those who have bookmarked the update website.

HKM Server is now added with new feature

Coming in the new year, we are now introducing “Assignment”. Account owners can now share the access with the account manager. Since the owner of the account may not want to share the same password with the account manager and they may often want to outsource the job for the account manager to handle. This is why the new feature comes in handy for solving the issue. Just login the account with the owner password and go to >extra > adminstration. There you will see the Management feature on the bottom and you can share the special code generated for the new account manager by turning it on.

Write me a line for any query regarding.

HKM Server is now fixed up!

With serving tens and thousands of customers in world for auto releases and updates of the new products periodically, we have developed a better inventory system where you can have control on your smart phones. Come check it out now with your IPHONE5, IPHONE4, IPONHE4S, IPHONE 3, IPODTOUCH, Android Galaxy S2, ANDROID LG, PALM.


New added features:

  • Product UUID to be viewed by the public.
  • Revamped in the deploy-release function.

Recruiting new shape for the tops producers!

Previously we have designed SKIN BRA PRODUCERS and TOPS PRODUCERS series for making tens and thousands of implant clothing in world. Thanks for the contributions from all the supporters and implant fans, we have worked the best to bring all the easy and secured tool sets to the designers. Due to stipulations from the brand designers, there were few suggestions from the appearance of the tools. We are now undergoing brand new revampment of these tools to bringing brand new looks and feels to SL designers. Got ideas? we will love take into considerations from your suggestions. Please submit your queries by replying this post thank you!