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HKM gaming is back in Life!


No Ads on Editorials

Lets share this lovely views. No Ads on reading the article.

ON – Cross

OFF – Aways On

ON – Notification

18 – Refreshing time

Go back to the setting again and you will see the extra options. Close the App and relaunch it again. Snap!

Recent Updates

We have officially launched a fund raising cause for the hosting cost of HKM server side management system. This is due to the continue support and the development to delivery excellent service to the users. The major updates are issued and they are available on the marketplace and the InWorld shop.

Why Move to MySQL from Microsoft SQL Server?

When I first began transitioning some work from SQL Server to MySQL a number of years ago, I was impressed with the feature set I found then in MySQL, and it has only improved since that time.

– Robin Schumacher

This is the reason you should choose mysql over mssql. Always the open source brings the power to the world and they will make up 50% above of the market at the end. 

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Costume updates
There are some minor updates have been done for the previous package – Morrigan (M). The package will be sent out manually for those who have purchased from the marketplace.
Top appliers has been upgraded and enclosed with explanation notes in the package.

Top Master V2 updates

We have noticed a few brands are officially entered to the SL implant market and their information is archived them into our system.
Including all bugs fixed and more detail description for each button. However, the preview feature on the V2 PRO or DIY are yet to be updated on the version 2.10. We have noticed and will make further development on those features. The bottom line is that we have ensured the clothing creators for the implants will do the job for their customers from making the updates. We have already tested and added with the following brands:
P.S. design
Sinful Needs

The updates can be acquired from our store under the update panel or go online for those who have bookmarked the update website.