A new game alpha is just developed on window x64 version. This is the fire preview of the demo game. There is no game-over screen yet since it is still in testing base.  We will continuely to build for more exciting elements into the game such as fire and electrics.

Tell me more if you want to add your elements into this game too!

work in progress

Check out the free review for demo here.


Droid updates

Now we got brand new dashboard with CSS3 technology on it. Still, there are some minor bugs needs to be smoothed out. I rewrote the whole framework and it has ever been easier to modify like this in such a modular structure. Keep that in mind that system is getting alot diverse for many different platform in the future. Next up we are going to integrate Facebook login for all existing user and let them make it easier to access their inventory system.

Now the license fee to enter is zero and this zero-entry offer is on limited time. Entry-license fee will be adjusted later with its full capacity.

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In this version we have added the following items:

-Reduced the complimentary tops and bras

-Increase more samples on skins options

-Fixed up rotations on Hboobs-A
We have announced new version for the Hboobs-A V0.54000
If you are the existing customer please come to the main store for the last updates or rerez the package from the retail box on the floor in a scripted sim.

The Main Store: