Server Fix

Sorry, we have been working on the server hosting transfer for all the data. We will come back on the business ASAP.. Let us know if you want a update package of the existing product.


HKM the main store at Forex is forged to be removed due to unreasonable explanation.

Due to the objects return from Forex, all vendors of HKM have tempoary removed but the delivery are still saved. Many thanks to the loyal fans Hots, Vibe, and Kas. You guys are the saver from the critical situation.

To highlight what they did to the store, I will disclose the post later on to explain why the main store is removed from Forex.

So I have decided to post this threads and let others to look at it:

[09:56] heskemo -: hi
[09:56] heskemo -: i am climate from the group of aspect VIP. i need to ask why they need to remove the building from the land without any notices?
[09:57] Loquita Capalini: hi
[09:57] Loquita Capalini: when did you pay rent last ?
[09:57] heskemo -: no i didnt know there was one
[09:58] Loquita Capalini: it was me returning your stuff
[09:58] Loquita Capalini: 1) it looked ugly
[09:58] Loquita Capalini: 2) I did not find any payiment
[09:58] Loquita Capalini: you say “client”
[09:58] Loquita Capalini: clients pay, lol
[09:58] heskemo -: omg
[09:59] heskemo -: climate
[09:59] heskemo -: not client
[09:59] heskemo -: please read it carefully
[09:59] heskemo -: there is no such payment listed from me to dania
[10:00] heskemo -: i need to have an acceptable reason do remove them
[10:00] heskemo -: not by personal expression
[10:01] Loquita Capalini: the reason is
[10:01] Loquita Capalini: I am in power in Aspects now
[10:01] Loquita Capalini: I make decisions
[10:01] Loquita Capalini: and one of the first was to teleport to all lands
[10:01] Loquita Capalini: and check for payments
[10:01] Loquita Capalini: and over prims etc
[10:02] Loquita Capalini: everyone that had no payment registered for 7 days got their stuff returned
[10:02] heskemo -: what is that rate
[10:03] Loquita Capalini: for a parcel like that minimum 500 per week
[10:04] Loquita Capalini: and it shows in my books you have been there for several months
[10:04] heskemo -: so

Here we will continue updating the HKM positions in world.

Get Satisfaction Integration

Get Satisfaction is now deployed on

We believe that customer connections and the business is very important. Human network is the most valuable asset of the company. We need to have a connection between the mind of the creator and the feelings of the consumer. We are in the time of energetic on doing our work to serve the customers to making a good art of the business.

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