The New Ideas to born


HKM gaming is back in Life!


No Ads on Editorials

Lets share this lovely views. No Ads on reading the article.

ON – Cross

OFF – Aways On

ON – Notification

18 – Refreshing time

Go back to the setting again and you will see the extra options. Close the App and relaunch it again. Snap!

The really cool game from the crazy tapping is now on preview. Feel free to test it and don’t forget to give us some comment about it. The next new update is coming in 3 days with google play integration.


A new game alpha is just developed on window x64 version. This is the fire preview of the demo game. There is no game-over screen yet since it is still in testing base.  We will continuely to build for more exciting elements into the game such as fire and electrics.

Tell me more if you want to add your elements into this game too!

work in progress

Check out the free review for demo here.

Anubis Wing Set Development Template

Long after I have made this wing set. Someone came to me tell me that this wing set is getting popular and ask for the shadow map for further development. I am honestly to tell you that I do not have the colorless wing set template. However, I got this collection for all the wing set development. Here is your download set.

Recent Updates

We have officially launched a fund raising cause for the hosting cost of HKM server side management system. This is due to the continue support and the development to delivery excellent service to the users. The major updates are issued and they are available on the marketplace and the InWorld shop.