HKM United Industry

Current Main Store Location



HKM United has a main store located at MAT and we host SL hunts and demonstrations to provide in world animation style gaming vibes.
All services are follows:

  • Customer Service
  • Model Dances
  • Product Updates
  • Information Inquiries

Custom Scriptings

This is the subsidiary of HKM main store. Its productions include various of scripting customization and its own innovative products.


  • UUID Management System V3.5( redesigned)
  • Picture Studio unnamed V3.0 (redesigned)
  • Selling items position management system v3.1
  • Vehicle script application
  • Shoes and color scripts
  • Scripting AOs
  • Pianos Customization
  • Partial AV Customization

Adult Plays in Wesh Venture


WeshBeauty in Doris

Wesh provided a nice adult sim for the supply of women fashion. Most products are well known from the brand of Foxbean, ecorps, and more. Productions are all stipulated from adult SL players who want to enjoy indulgent private sexy time with networking.

This is the store design project. Gathering people and custom texture to produce brand new innovative front store for HKM.


Established since 2008 in Second Life. HKM started the development of custom scriptings for SL moving objects, and later on extended to constructions design, lights, and even clothings lines. Its products are already caught attentions from the SL citizens. With the support of the community, HKM will strive to provide the most unique, most amazing, and most fun products to the virtual world.

Check out the inventories.


Some of the works are included but limited to scripts, textures, primitives construction, and some light scale sculpt objects.

Some library documentations:


The first store location in SL.

The first place was mainly hosted SLX inventories but due to store standardization issue where the building height and width had been formulated, HKM store closed and relocated to the new place.