For any issues please send a notecard to
✎ Shinku Guardian
✎ Heskemo Oyen
– Provide your full SL name.
– A full copy of your transaction history from the purchase.
– The details of the problem you are having.
✔ And we will process your request as soon as possible.

1. Accidental double purchases of copy-ok or fullperm items will be refunded upon notice with both transactions’ details.

2. Purchases of full-perm kits in HKM GEARS are final and no refunds are possible except for double purchases

3. Accidental mis-purchases of wrong products will not be refunded.

4. Only for redelivery enabled items will be resent.

No Refund Policy
Buy as is, no refund.

Customer Support
There is a customer support via notecard.

Custom jobs policy:
Skin Customization 2.6KL per job. One skin.
Bra customization 2.4KL per job. comes in 2 bras variation tops.
Boob Top customization 2KL per job. Upto 2 variations tops.
Custom scripting 10KL/hr.
Custom texturing 4KL/hr.
Custom Whole avatar full perms only starting at 25KL. 25% of down payment to start the project.

Special request are done by mailing me a note card and I will give you a one flat rate from that project. I am one of the best out there.


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