• Exhibit discover, excitment, and share the fun time.
  • Use as a sandbox, creative testing and share knowledge.
  • Get the job done =).

Who am I?

Hesk has years of experience in graphic design and Technical professionals in HK and the US. His role is to focus low cost and high efficient design and implementation correspond to changes of business direction. He graduated from DBU and took the first to be a developer to implement online accounting solution. Solutions are integrated items with Equities, Fixed Income, Operations, Currencies, Commodities, Desk development, Rapid development, Dashboard analysis. He recently has joined Sino-art and worked as a webmaster strategist.

What do I know?

Skill Sets

  • Photoshop Artist and customizations
  • Common Sketch up experience
  • Microsoft Excel, Word advanced
  • Computer rebuild and repair for PC & Mac
  • Sales, customer service & excellent communication
  • Accounting data analysis with SAS statistics analysis with end user friendly presentation skill


  • Bilingual Chinese & English.
  • SAS, proc SQL
  • Integrated PHP, CSS, HTML, XML, MYSQL, JQuery, AJAX, and Flash solution
  • ActionScripts 3.0/2.0, Javascripts, Linden Scripts, (LSL)
  • Adobe Flash Apps (lightly)