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Egg Hunt Event!

Now in store Easter Egg hunt is started.
Try to come and collect the most eggs by the end of this month.
We will start counting each egg collectors and display them online.
When find an egg on floor just pick it up and the egg will be counted to you. See who gets the most eggs now! Find some different places, you will see the eggs are dropping from the sky. Once you have seen them, catch them like a hot. They wont last long. If no one picks them up, will be gone in 1-4 minutes. So get it before it goes away!

There are different type of eggs
BIG EGG (with nice patterns): You are luck touch them. They wont count as an egg but instead they will instantly send you a gift. The encounter probably is 10%.
Colorful Egg: You will find them sometime and the probably is 15%. The egg count is 2.
Normal Egg: You will find them mostly and the probably is 80%. The egg count is 1.


By the end of the contest period, there must be
a)at least 200 candidates in this contest and;
b)all top 3 candidates who have at least collected 100 eggs and;
c)their names are listed at the top 3 correctly;

will be rewarded accordingly:

1St place: 2000L
2nd place: 1000L
3rd place: 500L

Deadline: The first day after Easter.
click here to check your eggs number, or HERE, or also visit URL @

Available sim locations!

HKM reserves the right to change any terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


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