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Basic Scripting & Mathematic Principles.

Welcome to Scripting 1 – Basic Scripting & Mathematic Principles.

Have you ever wanted to learn scripting in Second Life, but didn’t know where to begin? This course is for you!

During this first introductory class we will make a box talk, make a simple calculator, and have a brief look at physics in Second Life.

NOTE: This class is NOT for advanced users!

PREREQUISTE: Basic knowlege of building. ( Must be able to create a box prim and navigate the edit window ).

We will start discuss the basics of scripting, starting from the very beginning.

Directions: Class is held in the Construction Zone of cloud city campus. (use the elevator)


  1. Basic Scripting
  2. 2+2
  3. Recuring Addition
  4. Physics Demonstration
  5. Sensor Loop
  6. Following Box

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