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November 22nd Officially Release. BTMV2 The Master of the Master Production Tool.

★Have you been troubled and frustrated with making tops implants appliers for all various of brans that took you forever to finish one top set?★Has it been quite a headache when you have to look over all the codes in the scripts and handle enormous amount of data which you don’t even recognized?★ Have you been worried if some of your works might have mistakenly set on the wrong permission which created security weakness which gave open access to your customers? ★The Solution for all those questions and doubts are finally made available. ★We all realized that more tops appliers = bigger markets and potential.★HKM Boob Tops Master V2 is based on previous version HKM Boob Tops Producer with advance extensional builds and additional add-on appliers. We realized that making individual appliers for specific brands will cost the clothing producers for at least $L10K to come cross for different boob sets and tops sets. With the V2 you can have all tops available to choose to preview your favorite look and produce one single applier to apply tops set for all brands. V2 is extensively focusing on large amount of tops set textures which is ready for the final packaging. Guiding with V2, you will able to enjoy 30 seconds of instant production via scaling, offsets, alignments, security permission checks, renaming, demo versions and non demo versions. All work flows will be done in this station to complete all these tasks. Its performance and efficiency is incomparable to another manual made appliers.

★★The key to master all brands with this industrial master:
★Universal Nation/ ★eCorp/ ★iBoobs / ★Lolas / ★ICON / ★P.S. Design/★Foxbeans
Also Master All TORs Products 4, 5 compatible.

★Implant Nation Universal Implants
★Implant Nation Multi-Clothing
★Implant Nation Multi-Clothing Lite
★Lolas! Natural Breasts
★Lolas! Push Up Tops
★Foxbean BitTits – Nadine Clothed 1.5
★iBoobs Busty
★iBoobs Natural
★iBoobs Neo
★eBoobs! Natboobs!
★eBoobs! Overfilleds!
★eBoobs! Anime Overfilleds!
★P.S. Design Implants – Natural
★P.S. Design Implants – Natural2

Features in 2.0:
☑It is more powerful of course and more flexibility on the texture wraping method. Highly dynamic and customizable.
☑Additional adding more sounds and cute side designs on each side. Hi-tech secured protection method to secure your production.
☑Innovatively features renaming system to make sure your customers knows what they demo or full version product.
☑Massive previewing system for you to match up all industrial tops and boob sizes.
☑Added gift wrapping design to customization into your packaging.
☑Zero content editing needed.
☑Featured in TOR5 content protection method. This prevents content bypassing from a non owner receiver.
☑All fully UV scale and offset match up compatible with all brands.
☑Rewrote new code for security in demo and retail final products.
☑Rapid Mass customization and production ready.
☑Producing a one time DEMO for you customer to wear it. MAKING A DEMO VERSION OF YOUR TOP SET FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. (NO-COPY-ONE TIME-USE MODE) To show your works to customers. (ONLY OFFERS EXCLUSIVELY IN PRO version)
☑Easy handling. Absolutely ZERO coding, ZERO programming needed. Dummies friendly.
☑Automatic permission configuration for all your the final productions.
☑Automatic renaming and configuration.
☑No Hassle 100% securing your asset texture inside the box.
☑If you don’t like the name you have just named for your product clothing, you can rename it again before finalization.
☑Security signal light indication for before production and after production.
☑Once the product is finalized.
☑No one will able to change or steal from you!
☑Menu dialog driven with prompted options.
☑Drag and Drop (DND) Control – just need to drag and drop withholding control key (windows) or Apple key (MAC) you texture into the drop dish.
☑Standalone user for final product enable.
☑Ground rez protection for final production.
☑Ultimate unbeatable security with auto permission check.
☑Fully tested with eboobs/universal implants/Lolas/iboobs/ICONs/Overfilled/Overpacked/pull up/pull down TOR4, 5 compatible.
☑Your final product is going to be ✖mod☑copy✖trans OR ✖mod✖copy☑trans

☑Special Feature TOR 5 compatible!!
With the professional asset management tool, you can get your boob top production to the next level. You can be a professional with ZERO scripting or coding knowledge. Once you got a TOR from HKM gears. You can do lot more with it now! You can now manage all your asset in your finger tips.

TOR4, 5 compatible. For secure your works and creations. You do not need to manually handle all UUIDs / Texture configurations. All you need to do to just enjoy instructional step by step progress from HKM BOOB TOP APPLIER PRODUCER.

Special thanks to all supporters and beta testers residents.


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