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Terms and Keys:
[NEW] the button which has “new” English word on it.
[Red CIRCLE] Big circular button in the middle of the control bar. Normally you use this for some small tweakings and loading a new asset note card.
[BIG BLUE] that will FREEZED the rezzed prim that means no more script controlling in that prim.
[PANEL] object coming out from that panel call the PANEL.
[load.D] is a button on the menu from the [Red CIRCLE].
ACTIVE (O) is ready for new command.
ACTIVE (X) is on hold and not able to receive command for change until it turns (O) by tapping on it.
Asset pool is where you see all the textures / sculpties laying out on.

How to get a sample object?
[NEW] => select one sample in the asset pool => (optional) select one sample from the texture pool which is the same pool but with different note card => tap on the [PANEL] again, now you have textured automatically => tap on the [BIG BLUE] to FREEZE rendered object => right click on the object to take a copy of it.

How to reload or load different texture or assets?
They are all recorded in the note cards. Simpliy clikc on the [Red CIRCLE] to pull the menu out => [load.D] select one of your texture notecard => (wait until its finished) => select one of your texture => then tap on the panel again to texture on the object, make sure the object is on ACTIVE rendering status. No script or no show is FREEZED or WASTED and needed to start a new file.

How to manage my assets?
Select the memory group and the interactive buttons will appear on it. Very easy to use and make sure dont mistakenly press on the CLEAR button. Use CLEAR, STORE, VIEW, STATS properly.


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