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TOR 5th Gen – TOR 5


tor5 DIY

tor 5 pro

A powerful design Texture Organizer Reloader (TOR) is officially released. Here is are all the new features. No copybots. No illegal viewers. No griefers! Solution for taking all the in-world assets in your finger tips. All in-one asset reviewer and management.

★You can CONTROL/REPORT/ANAYLSIS for all your assets.
★Speed up your productivity by DOUBLE.
★A safe place to store all your unwanted textures and sculpt maps
★Create a rapid development environment.

Core Features:
☑ No more huds to bury the whole front interface.
☑ Memory check preventing massive data crashing.
☑ Super easy user friendly interface.
☑ 19 displaying items. One big massive asset pool for greater more items and builds.
☑ 8 modular memory management clips.
☑ 2 menu styles for straight up and circular.
☑ 20 preloaded asset note cards.
☑ Sculpt/Texture paralleled.
☑ Loading % and show you the current loading status.
☑ Reading as many note cards as you need. No more limitations on the menu buttons.
☑ Permission system for GROUP/OWNER/ALL. Keep all the hands away.
☑ Fully exportable and reprogramming.
☑ Hair scripts compatible.
☑ Easy ONE TAP function.
☑ Does not rely on any HUDs for controlling the interface. Deluxe pop up menu bars and automatic minimize itself.
☑ Storing as many UUIDs as you want. No more limitation on memory.
☑ Very easy to use. Read instruction before using it.
☑ Portal script compatible.
☑ Texture API ready!
☑ Multi export API ready!
☑ Free Updates for Life on the same major version!

Scripting techniques and spec:
★Jumping menu method. Jumping from one group of memory to another just by a click,
★Multi item readings for unlimited items. You can load/read/choose as many as you can.
★Portal system method. Open API for all users to make things for TOR5.
★Open SL data collection method.

☑5.0 is basically the same as you are in 4.0 but the only thing differs from the 4.0 is that the number the asset pool display items increase from 4 to 20.
☑More industrial savy and professional interface
☑More options
☑More little tweaking

Loralai Michalski: and what would the purpose of owning one of these be?
Toying it and collecting sorting data; exporting useful map for further development. More importantly it enhances and increases the development by 200%. You skip all the sculpting and design processing and straight into resembling process of your product development.

Loralai Michalski: and how do you retrieve the date you export into it?
For example: if you have a list of full perm textures in your inventory, you right click each item and copy the Asset ID and paste that ID into a note card. Using note cards to collect them in your organization. Then import the note card into the machine just right click it add those note card into the content tab.

For other in-world asset, you can collect them by accessing your the folder in your computer. It is currently taking extensive process to get them. There is a the work flow for PC or MAC to get them. Please read the note card instruction about UUIDs once you have purchased any versions of TOR. In fact, there are preloaded 2000 asset IDs in the library for browsing it.

Welcome to the Next Generation of building systems in SL!

There are actually 5 different systems available here on XStreetSL. Here are all the price tags:

TOR4: L$1800
TOR5: L$2100

Previous Versions:

Related Components/Extensions:

What is this?
This is an in-world asset viewer to manage all your stacked up raw assets such as your textures/sculpt maps. It would able to carry out all your assets textures and sculpts and display all of them in your finger tip. Now it offers trial version for educational purposes and learn more about it.

UUID In-world management is no-more hassle for all the in-world textures capture methods. There is one hell of the machine to handle all these little things. All you have to do is to sit back and relax, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate in the office. It is the right choice for data manager and collectors. For those who loves to manage data, here you go!


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