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Texture Organizer Reloader (TOR) 4th Gen



A powerful design Texture Organizer Reloader (TOR) is officially released. Here is are all the new features. No copybots. No illegal viewers. No griefers! Solution for taking all the in-world assets in your finger tips. All in-one asset reviewer and management. CONTROL/REPORT/ANAYLSIS

UUID In-world management is no-more hassle for all the in-world textures capture methods. There is one hell of the machine to handle all these little things. All you have to do is to sit back and relax, enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate in the office.

Features and Specs
-Reloading up to 256 note cards, multi note cards supporting.
-Permission system for GROUP/OWNER/ALL. Keep all the hands away.
-All uuids just need to write it down on a note card.
-Fully programmable.
-Easy looking interface.
-Menu control permission/notecards/extra configurations
-Flipping texture and sculpts all in one button.
-anytime manage your assets with sculpties and textures
-extra feature button to manage by groups
-group function: CLEAR/STORE/VIEW/STATUS
-CEAR: clean all the stored textures/sculpties
-STORE: store in new selected textures/sculpties
-VIEW: view a list of textures/sculpties on owner screen
-STATUS: check and see if the memory status ran out
-Handy viewing for 4 pieces.
-select texture/sculpt and able to rez the sample object right away.
-change and selected current texture instantly!
-update selected texture/sculpt instantly!
-permission check enable people to take a copy of the sample object.
-sculpt/texture indication with green/red color light

TONS of features coming up!
videos will be posted soon!

What is this?
This is an in-world asset viewer to manage all your stacked up raw assets such as your textures/sculpt maps. It would able to carry out all your assets textures and sculpts and display all of them in your finger tip.



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