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Fashion released – Beat Angels Escalayers

Exciting incredible new features from CoreAPI 2.23!


★Build-in battle skirt system!

★Multi-joint sculpt boots

★3 sets of hairs!

★3 set tops / dirty / damage / normal

★Maximize your sexiness!

★Next top model seamless quality!

★Promoting price 800L!


Clothing Parts:☑Beat Angel Special Dark! mod(transfer)☑Beat Angel Special Half Dark mod(transfer)☑Beat Angel Special Official(transfer)
Clothing Parts:☑boot.clear.alpha.2.sub.invisible.prims(transfer)☑ 50%(transfer)
ESSENTIAL CLOTHINGS: Clothing Parts:☑BAE Battle Gloves Seamless!(transfer)☑BAE Combat Shoulder L(transfer)☑BAE Combat Shoulder R(transfer)☑BAE Red Diamond Sailor Apon(transfer)☑BAE SPECIAL FRONT APON(transfer)☑BAE thighbrace L(transfer)☑BAE thighbrace R(transfer)☑BAE UNDERLAYER(transfer)☑Beat Angel E. Watered-Panties!(transfer)☑Beat angel official(transfer)
Clothing Parts:☑BAE L Foot(transfer)☑BAE L Leg(transfer)☑BAE R Foot(transfer)☑BAE R Leg(transfer)☑boot.clear.alpha.2.sub.invisible.prims(transfer)☑ 50%(transfer)================================

p.s. ☑ = found inside. ✖ = not available at this version. Permissions vary so if buying this as a gift please have it sent to them direct don’t buy it and try to give it to them as some pieces are no transfer.
note:hairs,shoes,panties,ecalate are not included. Dark socks are the custom part from Dizzy. Please related products.The complete package is cover: shoes, hairs,animated skirts with multi-combo styles. The complete package is rated mature.

Where do I get it?


Found this avatar awesome from one the animate. So I planned on making this for some practices of sculpting. This lesson brings basic texture skills and some advance 3D modeling on zbrush. I felt really good about this because I could learn on using zbrush that amazing platform! Pricing is not to be determined yet. This is still under taking market evaluations.
Here are some of the highlights

There are more pictures coming from the fans art.

Full version includes an exclusive stripping animated skirt. Fully interactive built-in stripping skirt for your amazing avatar!!


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