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Jenet Bonnie the pirate GURL

Jenet Concept Art

This is Jenet Bonnie from the concept pictures from the fans art of Fatal Furry 2

Bonnie is coming up. She will be the first girl from SNK in the western world SL.


★Featured – FATAL FURRY 2/KOF/CAPCOM/NINJA/SNK Customization
★no shape / no skin / no eyes
★Head to toes costume
★Hair + shoes + 2 hip rings
★Dress + Resizable
★Braces ready!
★Implants ready!
★Everything you saw on the picture.
★Based off amazing bb tops producer products. Mastered more than 5 different brands.
★One seamless piece flexible dress.

Clothing Parts:
☑bj.S_brace v2(transfer)
☑bJENET Gloves(transfer)
☑bJENET under(transfer)
☑ Top JenetB.Sexy – Retail (wear me)(copy)
☑HKM bJENET.hipbrace.ring mod(transfer)
☑HKM bJENET.thigh.ring(transfer)
☑L Jenetshoes(transfer)
☑R Jenetshoes(transfer)

This character is originated from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

More Updates to come!!

Where to get it?

Story Line:
Jenet is the leader of a group of pirates known as the Lillien Knights. During the events of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, her crew harbors in Second Southtown in order to hunt for treasure. They soon learned of the crimelord Kain R. Heinlein who was well-known as a very wealthy and powerful man. Jenet entered the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament he had hosted in order to rob him of anything valuable he might be keeping in his mansion. In her ending, she passes out amidst the destruction of Kain’s mansion after defeating him. Her crew saves her from being trapped under the rubble, but fails to secure any of the treasure they had been looking for.

Bonne Jenet – Bonne Jenet is a female pirate who is looking for treasure in Second South. Her fighting style involve wind-like projectiles that hit multiple times, and swooping attacks intended to catch opponents with suddenly-changing directions.

I think she’s the coolest (and hottest) fighting game pirate babe (Ruby Heart and May being the others of course). BOOBIES. Whoa, where did that come from? Anyhow, it seems she’s become quite popular in SNK world since her debut in Garou (when I originally became a fan), appearing in both KOF XI and Max Impact 2. Nice going Boobs Jenet. In all seriousness, she has an interesting and fun to use fighting style; and a funny personality as well. She is my favorite.

780 special price

This character is originated from Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


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