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how to record all the uuids into a text file?

This is the uuids management tutorial. Tired of copying all the uuids from the search folder? I have received alot of emails regarding to copying all the saved UUIDs under the folder name: C:\Users\[whatever the user name is]\AppData\Local\SecondLife\textures

This happened quite often when you try to search a list of uuids from the last given XXXXXX 6 characters. There is new way to solve this problem. I have discovered a way that can easily handles all that files without retyping all the UUIDs copying from the F2 button or renaming the whole file name.
Prepare the following software:

  • Winrar from http://www.rarlab.comIt fits whatever the operating system you are running.
  • The compression profile settings for the uuids. Download this file and register that to the machine.

First, go under the texture folder which is: C:\Users\[whatever the user name is]\AppData\Local\SecondLife\textures
Select and highlight all the folders. Right click and select “add to archive”.Before you doing so you need to get the setting files installed. Double click the downloaded file for uuid export settings and installed to the registration database.Find the button “profile” and select “UUIDexports”then click “OK”.
Once you have finish that open that rar file.Press Alt+G to generate a report. Making sure you have unchecked all the these items:

[ ] File size;

[ ] Packed size;

[ ] File date;

[ ] File CRC;

[ ] Total information;
Remember to check those items:

[x] Use HTML format

[x] Copy report to clipboard Now click “OK”.

Under the same folder you will able to see a html file created. That all the UUIDs have been written down on a nice html as well as stored in the clipboard memory.


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