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My class notes from business development

How to start a management team?

This is chapter, I am going to explain the importance of sales momentum as well as its process to start a management team. Whether this is useful to others or not, I am going to explain as the way it is. Since I have the experience in working for AT&T’s products. In the midst of 2009, AT&T launched a new product called AT&T fiber optics service which was replacing the old existing service DSL. There are companies there who takes campaigns to sell these new existing products to the market and undermine the product awareness to the potential market.

The management team who wants to start up a team for achieving goals. In this case, the goal is to achieve a higher sales volume in the campaign in order to grow the company to be bigger. During the selection process, the manager is going to select the people who are less rational on perspectives of any kind. The incentives are given to those would give faith and direction on company growth, or eventually able to own their marketing or management company. Once the entry positions have started their training, they will learn about the products and features. The next step is to give a lesson of what they know about including the pricing.

Another part of training is the personal quality development on jobs, they will get trained with the 8s for job’s attitude, the 4s and the 5s.

The 8s are the formula to achieve to success:

  • Set an SMART goal (short term, midterm, and long term)
  • Be on time
  • Be prepared
  • Keeping a positive attitude
  • Work a full day
  • Work on the loop 3 times a day
  • Work on the loop correctly
  • Take control of the conversation

The 4s are the proper ways present yourself in front of the perspective clients:

  • Keep It Very Simple (KISS) (Introduction and pitch)
  • Eye contact (all the time)
  • Smile on the face (all the time)
  • Relax yourself (all the time)

Introduction is the tell who you are, what company you are working, what is the purpose of being in here.

Pitch consist of these elements:

  • Sense of urgency  ( I am not coming back after today)
  • Jones Effect  (Your friends and neighbors are all on the deal from this promotion)
  • Sense of Lost  (push )
  • The only way get from me.  (We are the only company you can get the service from with this deal. There is no one else)

While you are waiting for the response or silent in between the conversation do these.  (only 10% of the chance)

Still being reluctant and unsure about the deal, pull the cards out:

  • Discount card
  • Coupons card $50 rebate
  • Cash back card $100 rebate
  • Free the first month or money back guarantee

Push and Sizzle the deal. Sign up right away! Yay

Mountain Climbing theory

Management Trainee,

Entry level,

Team coordinator,

Assisting manager,


Regional director,

Corporate consultant,

Premium consultant, retired.

Hot spot theory

Search the local of customer’s hot spot by asking question of their lifestyle and getting to know their own stories. Most importantly, listen to their needs of assessments.

Bullet Theory

Don’t use it all. You only have 4 shots to shot. Shot them simultaneously.

Ball draws theory

Draw 3 candy machines, and put 3 kinds of balls in each machines. Asking the candidate to draw each ball from machine to make them disappointed from give a different result other than the expected result.  Concluded that the importance of focus on one candy machine than moving on to another machine which promotes the practice of knocking on the same door 3 times a day.

KISS Theory

Keep It Short  and Simple

Keep It Super Simple

Keep It Simple, Stupid

SMART goal

See the link


Critical thinking:

Rather it is important or not, pricing is a essential critical number that gives an objective evaluation on the worth of its market price. The value of the salesmanship is to persuade people to believe the product worth more than its market value by integrating the 4s and 5s. The work out is going to consider how well and fluent of its products are going to be presented in front of the customer’s face. Normally, the less fluent people will be rejected really quickly and ended the deal by shutting the door or losing the interest of buying the product.

Management development:

Running an office for people to come over and meet up daily cost $5000 a week.  Running a team and spread the profit made from sales. Each person gets a share of what they made.  Starting an new office you need to have the retain earning of $50,000 in the corporate bank account that is needing 4 people to start up the office.  Three assisting managers will be assisting the new manager to start up an office in the new area or new region with the these activities:

Recruiting new entry positions. Training new entry positions. Generate income for the new office. Working until the new team coordinators can successfully be trained for the new entry positions. The assisting managers then will return to the regional office for another short amount of the time. These assisting managers will then soon qualify for general manager position with their saving of incomes.


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