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SEO – Why do you need marketing on your website?

Getting the attention is all about marketing. Of course, marketing has such a board spectrum and it dived into so many different areas for implementation.  In the IT industry, a website has to make it reachable from the search engine such as Google Search Engine. Based on its languages and wordings, some search engines will filter the primarily language of the website where it will be only listed on certain countries. This, however, needs to be focus on its keywords in the meta data, to be meaningful and linkable. Also the language will directly impact to the listing result.  Optimized result is important, yet the website needs to be interesting enough to keep all the visitor coming back or at least holding them longer until they click on the (x). The designer needs to look at the customer point view and seeks the best interest (the hot spot) of them. Of course, an impressive, vivid, yet an interesting presentation will draw alot of attentions as well as participation to its interaction. The goal is to making them feel “wow!”, “no idea this is so great!”, or “this is cool!”. Once they get impressed, it will leave them a memory in their mind that could be your company logo, trademark, sample product, or even a person. This is also how you make your website stand out from all other websites. If you have the first two things done, yes, you have successfully marketed your potential customers.


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