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Content needs to be dynamic or changeable.

Dynamic means the information is always changing like a river. Dynamic information simply based upon its environment such as different activities going on within the organization. An effective website can gather all the current topics or the first handed information to be announced to the public. From the stipulation, the content of the website needs to be changed all the time. The best way is to channelize them from the first source. Such as using Twitter, Facebook, Google, or some social network website. Based upon this trend and the demand for information integration, I can build a page or flash that will able to read all the data from the primary sources and display them in a styled and elegant presentation. Using these information to board cast to the public will increase its information richness.

How to increase information richness?
According to, the best information is best to present it in face-to-face format. However, this is the most costly and exhaustive. A recorded video can be played again and again. They are the best tool.


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