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Demand for professional growth

These couple days I have been researching for the ways to improve my professional skills and push myself to the next level. Personal development has been playing an essential role in my life where I chose to live away from my parents and decided to step into the society by myself. There are still alot of works needed to be done such as my writing skill, conversation comprehensive skill, reading skill, and analytical skill. I seek after people by people to find the knowledge I need to equip for this exciting life.

Looking back people who have committed themselves into some simple daily work such as bartenders, barbers, waiters, valet boys, bell men, and ticket sales. In my opinion, they seen to be making survival living base on the industry index. It is known that they are working for lower than minimum wages exclude the wealthy area.  The system that they are only taking tips for their major income is not reliable to the property district.  However, these top income districts such as the strip at Las Vegas, Malibu, NYC uptown, Dallas uptown are serving the best income possible from the service industry.  Thinking working in China in the similar industry, the tips are even lower or, sometime, none for people serving customers. In most case, they will add in the bill 15% rate for the service fee to leverage the tips system. No manner how the system is going to carry out, at the end of the day, these people seems to be trapped in an endless poverty where the learning and income curve will take years to achieve to 15/hr or making about the same amount for decades. Instability is also another risk to start a family. I have been there and I knew that it wasn’t going to the right way to treat my life.
There was a bell interview one point for bell man from Sheraton Hotel and I completely missed. According, I would have a chance to make up $200/day by tips (the best record in a year). It seemed to be an attractive job to start up where the customers are willing to pay $178 per night would not mind to pay $10 tips to each bell man moving their baggage.

At the end, making cash seem to becoming the most important priority for those need the cash to pay bills regardless if these activity are valuable to their personal growth or not.


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