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Whats on OLED?

Today I looked the OLED again and found these days are coming sooner than expected. OLED is a material that is still undergo intensive development process. The goal of this research is to implement a low-cost massive production of this material. Sony, Panasonic, and some other big companies have been throwing massive investment into R&D to enhance cost primarily. Still the cost of material production, nowadays, is still sky high and its expectation for the production to phrase in to become mature stage is still distant.  These companies may have to work harder in order to speed up the progress. However, OLED is definitely the future of the display products and the light source substitution. I have hoped that one day I will able to implement OLED on my office wall or even to my bedroom wall. This plan is to utilize OLED to construct display glasses in light of showing the functions of computer, TV,DVD blue ray player, window blind, and even the diminish light source to put me to bed. Now I can imagine a 10 fits by 10 fits of a OLED glass is going to cost me millions.


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    It doesnt get any better than this oled tv

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