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Looking at the trend of moving to Asia (I)

Looking at people moving to China, Shanghai, or Hong Kong, should I consider moving backward or moving forward? Most people recognize that speaking both English and Mandarin already have the advantage to stand in the society of China where they can seek employment better than whom do not speak in both languages. Therefore these people have a better “ticket” to get in the Chinese market.

Internet research discovers  that craigslist’s growth has been rapidly expanded its territory to overseas including China and India. English speaking jobs are demanded and listed daily on craigslist. Compared to past couple years, craigslist was not yet popular and its own operation was mainly active in the local US market. In the Chinese market or overseas non-English speaking market was not even been aware of, there were only one listing on the site and most of the time was still seeing zero listings. Seeing the active market in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong,  job listings were expanded in the large scale across various industries from production segment to service segment. Its incentive was to build its social awareness of the website and attracted overseas users mainly targeted on Asia China.

Based on this inspection, the English speaking population in China as well as Hong Kong have been expanded to daily basis. This population raises along with the raise of national economy where attracts large amount of international people whom primarily speak English for living. China seems to become a melting pot soon where is similar to the USA, Canada, or Australia except the environment turns to be Chinese main streamed culture. English communication is still under hot demand in the Greater China. English speaking education is needed for the younger generation as well as for the working class. Large amount of native English speakers are needed in high school, middle school, kinder garden, or preschool. A simple analysis from craigslist Beijing discovered that major jobs postings on that site are English teacher or instructor positions where the qualification is not particularly high and the starting salary is from 6000 RMB to 15000 RMB with airfare and vacation benefits. Almost anyone who holds teaching certification, or English degree can make well over 9000 RMB a month. With the cost of living index and standard in China is still relatively low in these locations, making 9000RMB can be a pimp or enjoying the best personal free time in life. The raise of foreign population will quickly make up another fast grow foreign community based on China where people can mingle with another foreign English speaker. Biking, picnic, and hiking are the most popular outdoor activity among these people. From contacting to where you can find your social group and interest club to start and join to the community. The similar activities will be held in China as well.

(… to be continue)

It is worth for looking, I need to go back and see the changes soon before I miss the whole decade of great China time.


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