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Opinions about personal or business websites.

In my eyes of perspectives, marketing is always my main focus to get my business initiated. People will come visit your site because your key words are listed on Google search results, your articles have been commonly checked on the Facebook “like” link, or even has been twitted. Your content or information is the asset of the market where it automatically attract people to come read or see based on their interests. On top of these factors, your need to make your website to be a little bit standout by its presentation. There are alot websites running from WordPress platform with their domain hosting service. They are uniquely created by customized CSS layouts to deliver their content to the visitors. This is all run by one basic CMS platform from wordpress. Along with the increasing commonality of CMS, CMS becomes the standard for all managers to update and review the first hot news or event information. I choose wordpress finally because I have seen the impact of the social networking and jobs demand from CMS in wordpress. Equipping this CMS management skill in the resume is big check mark to the employer. This is where the 70% of the most popular website demanding simple updates or post news to the website. I just read about wordpress 3.0 is bringing awesome idea and more robust frameworks to the developers as well as managers. This is going to open up a bigger channel for managers to communicate with developers to create new plugins and functions based on what they needed to increase their market visibility. That means more articles can be posted by a cell phone with text message system or even spoken language. Speaking to a main stream market with standard information organization, wordpress 3.0 is the best php platform for all current websites template competitors.


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