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Why you should hire me?

I am able to communicate and understand what the clients want.
I provide solutions and strategies for target its market from the product’s features.
I have more than 5 years of experience in technology trends, technical knowledge, and programming experience.

My opinions about websites and management.
How am I going to work on the website remotely?
I can update web pages by ftp access to the server. Data backup and roll back are the critical to web applications implementation which lower the risk of losing original data. I put them up and also keep the older website at the roll back server.

About Flash.
Flash is the fully interactive website, it normally cost more than pure HTML works. A static page consists of HTML and it is relatively cheap. All fully customized website are normally starting at a higher cost because it needs a longer time of development and constant upgrades on codes.

Why do you need to keep the HTML website?
Reason 1. HTML or XML codes can be searched on search engine especially Google. In this way, you will able to advertise your words across different search engines and able to generate more potential markets at the same time.

Reason 2. HTML can be used as partial content and they can be rendered by flash at v10.11.

Reason 3. HTML or XML is not the best way to edit because it is still needing some coding understanding. However, its content can be modified easiest with notepad or any simple text editor applications. Since this is so easy to alter and change the content without heavy weighted programs such as flash, dreamweaver, flex, or even MS word. That provides its flexibility to the organization.


About Kemo

I am just an ordinary person in the garden.

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