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Encode & Decode on CS4 AS3

This is an example showing how to use the module Base64 to encode and decode text strings under CS4 flash 10.

4 things need to do:

1. set preference for loading external class files by clicking <edit><reference><actionscript><actionscript 3.0> select the chosen on class folder to start with.

2. open a fla file. In this program you will to prepare a “textfield” and 2 “Movieclips” as buttons.


import com.dynamicflash.util.Base64;

var sample = new Textfield();

sample.width = 500;

sample.height = 200;


sample.text = “This tutorial will allow you to learn to create custom Flash Components using Actionscript 3.0. I have opted an image gallery component where we would show thumbnails of various images and user could see respective enlarged image by clicking any of the thumbnail. I have used FlickR image search to show various images using this component.”;
var teststring:String
function en(e:MouseEvent){
teststring:String = Base64.encode(sample.text);
sample.text = teststring
function de(e:MouseEvent){
teststring = Base64.decode(sample.text);
sample.text = teststring;

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